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Create A ‘Happy Patient Experience’!

We help you to create a Happy Patient Experience with our Patient-Centric Innovative Solution!

What can you expect when you partner with us?

  1. Patients routed to your clinic through our dedicated Medical Call Center.
  2. Complete Clinic Management Software for your Clinic Reception & Doctor’s Desk integrated with Digital Medical Records & Patient Appointment Booking System.
  3. Telemedicine on App (video-call) for remote consultations (marking only 10% of the fees for the partnered doctors, and 20% of the fees for the non-partnered doctors)
  4. Anytime Medico-Legal Consultations with the Experts when you’re in doubt for just @ INR 5,000 annually.
  5. Managing your Online Reputation including Facebook Marketing & Google listing enhancement that appeals to all at nominal rates.
  6. Stunning Portfolio Website for your Clinic at nominal rates.

Looking for Something Else!?

Pick the best option you’d like to have for your clinic

Telemedicine on App

Get the rich audio-video calling experience with your patients, and get paid per session (video call).

Clinic Management with Telemedicine

Get the power of Clinic Management including the Patient Appointment System with rich Telemedicine on your phone.

Clinic Branding & Marketing

From your online presence, YouTube video edits, toGoogle Listings optimization, you get it all.

Register & Get All Benefits

Get everything you need for you to get more patients and leave a never-ending impression of your brand.

Be the change that your patients adore

Various recent studies demonstrate how implementing a sound software solution to your clinic can actually help you reduce your healthcare expenses and gain more patient visibility.