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Building Future Smart Clinics

Introducing, Sensoriom that provides a fully integrated All-in-One Clinic Suite & Virtual Healthcare for a Future Smart Clinic.

We are helping the patients in proper Care Navigation, connecting the right medical care needed, on spot!

Become the most Trusted Doctor in your area

Sensoriom is the only company with dedicated Clinic solutions, connecting our partnered clinics to the patients. We are here to solve the BIGGEST HURDLE of the patients seeking the right care at the right time from the right doctor.

How Sensoriom can help your Clinic?

Addressing the Real Concerns of the Patients and connect them to the right spot instantly!

Medical Call Center

Connecting the patient to the right clinic or specialist doctor through the phone. Engage patient, refer to your clinic; we’ll always be backing you.

Digital Engagement

Engage your patient digitally through Video Call Consultations, Electronic Health Records, Clinic Branding, improving patient satisfaction.

Surgery Cost Estimator

Helping the patient navigate the right surgical plans, right surgeon & hospital, as we help you get more and more surgeries.

Digital Health Media

Developing well-formulated and well-presented healthcare information in various formats to raise the bar of health awareness.

Care Concierge

Nurturing relationships by connecting the patients to your clinic/ hospital workflows during admission and discharge.

Digital Health Club

Empowering the patients with the right kind of paramedic support (Diabetes Educator, Physiotherapist, etc) through digital methods.


Sensoriom Clinic Suite

What you will get?

When you partner with us, you and your staff have access to the Sensoriom Portal. The patient can book an appointment at your clinic in a few clicks and get a seamless digital experience. You also earn more through our dedicated TeleHealth App. Sensoriom is a major Healthcare Branding & Marketing Channel, so all our partnered clinics enjoy hassle-free online marketing at only 30% of the market rates. 

Quick Setup

Get started within a few clicks!

Telemedicine App

Video call your patients and earn while staying safe.

Clinic EHR with Support Desk

Complete Clinic Management Software with Appointment Management.

Clinic Branding Services

Get ahead with matchless branding services (Website, SEO, SMM, SEM, Live Streaming)

Premium Add On

Set up your customized Digital Clinic with E-education, patient testimonials, and more.

Some research points for you 

Future Smart Clinics, Powered By Technology

Don’t just listen to us. Here are what people say in the surveys.

Ready to scale an innovative digital tool that your patients will love?